Slight Turbulence

Bring it on, bring it on, bring it on. From here to the eyes and the ears of the 'verse, that's my motto. Or at least it would be, if I start having a motto.

Same But Different

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KidC playing the sax while KidA sits at the keyboard. She's not taking lessons because she can't quite decide which instrument she wants to play yet!

It’s also a whole lot different having a 10-year old girl than a 10-year old boy. When my KidC was in 5th grade, he came home and said his teacher wanted them to bring in one ornament each, to decorate the class Christmas tree. Not a problem. What kind of ornament? Hand-made, store-bought, specific color, specific theme? Nope, he claimed, just an ornament.

This year, KidA has the same teacher and she claims that every year Mrs. Shirai has the students bring in something to put on the tree that represents who they are and/or how they celebrate this time of the year.

Who wants to bet that was the same assignment two years ago, but KidC either wasn’t paying attention or it was just another assignment to him. Stereo-typical guy attitude.

(Don’t think it’s so much easier with KidA. This girl cannot make decisions. She takes forever and even after she finally does make a decision, she’ll wonder if she shouldn’t change her mind. Yup. Stereo-typical girl!


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Always a Teacher

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I’m not in a classroom position this year. Instead I have administrative duties. I manage programs, activities, collect data, review expenditure plans. It’s a change of pace, yet I’m always a teacher.

This morning as I walked through the administrative building, there were kids sitting on desks outside the counselors office, sent here because they misbehaved. They were supposed to filling out an “incident report” to share their side of the story. They were fooling around, as is expected when students think they are not being watched in the office hallway. As I approached I said, “It’s only 10 am and you’re here in the office.” They quickly looked back at the papers and continued to write – except one boy. He raised his hand and waited expectantly for me to call on him.

“Yes,” I said.

“I don’t have a pencil.”

Taking the one from behind my ear (’cause we teachers are mostly, always prepared) I handed it to him and said, “get back to work.” Without missing a beat, I walked back to my office.

See… always a teacher!

(Now don’t get me started how I’m always a bookstore clerk which was my college job… and I constantly resist the urge to order books and straighten greeting cards, matching cards to envelopes!)

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Who Will Be The First?

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Thank goodness for Costco online ordering & one-hour printing!

A while back I wrote about being a little more “bah humbug” and less “fa la la la la” then usual. It was the overwhelming sense of things I needed to do before Christmas that was causing my negativity.

It seemed as if all the things that needed to get done, over shadowed the joy of celebrating the season: Take down the fall decor and put up the Christmas lights, tree, wreaths, candles, pillows, nativity, advent. Buy Christmas gifts, make sure I know what exactly my own children want, write our annual newsletter, take the kids photo card picture. Confirm dates for my family celebration, for Cris’ family celebration, for the kids’ school performances, for the kids’ church activities.

You know what would put me over the top? Mail. Yup, mail! Who is going to be the first of my friends to show off and have mailed their Christmas greetings? That one piece of mail usually gets me in gear, revs me up, and gets me into the spirit. So, who will be the first?

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Joy and Excellence

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    It’s Sunday and we made it to church, although we were late. Last week I wrote about the morning sermon, I figured I’d make it a regular thing. Kinda use it as an exercise to make sure I pay attention in the service!

This morning, we learned about joy. The biblical example was Paul as he wrote to the newly formed church in Philippi. Paul was facing trial, possibly execution, and yet he wrote about being joyful. His optimism was his strength.

My father-in-law (our pastor) spoke about how we have to find joy in everything we do. In our work. In our families. In our circumstances. In all things. As we find this joy, we will have optimism and confidence. This confidence will bring us success and excellence.

In essence, as Christians strive to be joyful, we must also strive be excellent in everything we do. In our work. In our families. In our circumstances. In all things.

Pretty motivating way to start the week. Here’s to pursuing excellence!

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All Day

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My view from the school parking lot as I wait for KidC.

This morning my oldest, KidC, packed a lunch and dessert and snacks and water. He had to because today he was at his intermediate school all day.

He wanted to get to school at 9 am (yes, on a Saturday). His band teacher is usually there on Saturdays and opens his room up to students who need additional practice time or want to work on assignments. Cortez is working towards his “Excellence” award. He has four more songs to pass and then ten more to achieve “Superior.” I am amazed. Especially since I don’t ever have to force him to practice at home. So glad his motivated to achieve.

So that’s how his morning went. Then from noon-4 pm, he went to drama rehearsal. This season, his fellow 7th and 8th grade thespians are staging “Guys and Dolls” under the watchful direction of Mrs. LoPresti. (Word on the street is there won’t be a spring production because they need to raise $5000.) Cortez is disappointed, but he says he’ll find something else to get involved in.

Growing up, my mom taught at the same school I attended all through my elementary years. In high school, she was the Vice Principal. Any activities I participated in or clubs I joined or productions I auditioned for was largely because she prompted/encouraged/force me to do. I think I purposely shy away from doing that with Cortez. Of course, once he becomes involved in something, he has my full support, but for the most part, I stay out of it and let him explore and experience independently. So far it seems to be working.

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