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Lilikoi Martini

Sometimes a girls lunch (that turns into dinner) & a gab fest is all you need to feel renewed... okay, okay, the lilikoi martinis help a bit too!

So, yes, it’s been months and months since I’ve posted a blog. I’ve thought about so many things, yet I could never get past the thinking and onto the doing phase.

I’m home today taking care of KidA who has been coughing up a storm, yet somehow still able to laugh out loud at the Fish Hooks cartoon that I have begrudgingly agreed to watch with her to perhaps change it’s “unapproved” rating. However, my attention is wandering and I figured I’d write a bit.

Just for your info: Everything is unapproved until the DH or I can watch it a couple of times to decide. Fish Hooks has just seemed too annoying to sit through an entire episode so I haven’t made a big effort. There’s always something else they can watch on the tube so it’s not a big issue when it comes to programming options.

Heh! I think back to when I was preggers with KidC and my naive exuberance that determined it would only be “educational television” and, get this, “no fast food!” Really! The reality of my lack of discipline set in soon after KidA could nosh on solids. These days I’m faced with setting resolutions of “McD’s only once every two weeks” since all three kiddos have their “usual” orders ready to go when it’s been a long day of meetings, lessons, and practices and nothing has been defrosted to cook for dinner. (Whew! That was a long sentence.)

Well, there ya go! A blog post for my two dedicated readers who admirably encourage me to write. (Thanks Becka & Sheila!) I didn’t want to write too much. Saving it for our Bartolome Banner that I should probably be working on. You know, once I can get over the Bah, Humbug feeling I’ve got going for all the tasks and expectations that come with the Christmas season… but that topic I’ll save for another post. 😉


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