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Better Health

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A couple of Cris’ friends are considering juicing. It’s a big commitment that seems to yield big results, however, that’s not the kind of commitment I’m willing to undertake just now. Instead, Cris suggested a product called Green Vibrance.

This powder is made of “71 fine certified organic concentrated foods and extracts selected and balanced to support good health.” Basically, it’s a dose of all the vegetables and other really, really healthy stuff that I should be eating daily, in powder form.

We went today to buy a small container of the powder that smells like dry hay. You mix it with water or juice and drink a serving a day. We have enough for a week. Today is Day 1.

First impression: With the tart taste of cranberry juice, the taste is pretty disguised – until you get to the bottom of the glass and realize you really didn’t mix the powder well enough. Then bleh!

I’ll keep you posted on how it goes.


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