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Getting Ready for Family

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Basket full of candied pecan favors

I thought that my mom was going to host our family Thanksgiving gathering this year. So last week when I was talking with my dad about what time we would be getting together, he said, that my mom wasn’t having anyone over because no one was going to be around. That and they were doing Thanksgiving with their significant other’s side of the family. At that point I figured, well then, why not just do something small with my in-laws (MIL, FIL, BIL, and SIL).

I confirmed with the in-laws and Cris and I decided on a small turkey, then I started planning a less traditional menu. (I think I was hankering for Chinese food at the time…) Then on Friday after KidC’s basketball game, my mom casually mentions that one of my aunts will be able to make it after all. Okay, no problem. She’ll bring her boyfriend and her grandson. I add three more to our guest list of 11.

The kids are a little disappointed because we’ll be a luncheon of adults with the exception of our new nephew who will be 2 months old. I tell them it’ll still be fun and then I realize that my other aunt and uncle might be back from a trip — I should extend an invitation to them and my adult cousin who is living with them. Sure enough, they are in town and they are happy to join us. She offers to bring something. I rethink my menu and now the guest list is at 17.

My dad calls to ask what they can bring… drinks, cranberries, dinner rolls. My aunt calls… she’ll bring veggies. My other aunt emails to ask what she can bring… stuffing? baked beans? … she’ll bring both!

My aunt’s daughter sends a text saying she’ll be here with dessert. Guest list is at 20. I realize I should also invite another cousin and their family (yay! other children!). We’re now at 25, and another dessert.

Another friend of my aunt, another cousin, my nephew from college. That’s 28!

Today I decided that this has turned into a family feast. How fun. So I made some favors and got my kids to organize entertainment. KidC will play his saxophone, KidA will accompany on keyboard, rounded out by KidI on her violin. I also heard talk from the girls that they have some games planned. Not bad for a week of planning.


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