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All Day

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My view from the school parking lot as I wait for KidC.

This morning my oldest, KidC, packed a lunch and dessert and snacks and water. He had to because today he was at his intermediate school all day.

He wanted to get to school at 9 am (yes, on a Saturday). His band teacher is usually there on Saturdays and opens his room up to students who need additional practice time or want to work on assignments. Cortez is working towards his “Excellence” award. He has four more songs to pass and then ten more to achieve “Superior.” I am amazed. Especially since I don’t ever have to force him to practice at home. So glad his motivated to achieve.

So that’s how his morning went. Then from noon-4 pm, he went to drama rehearsal. This season, his fellow 7th and 8th grade thespians are staging “Guys and Dolls” under the watchful direction of Mrs. LoPresti. (Word on the street is there won’t be a spring production because they need to raise $5000.) Cortez is disappointed, but he says he’ll find something else to get involved in.

Growing up, my mom taught at the same school I attended all through my elementary years. In high school, she was the Vice Principal. Any activities I participated in or clubs I joined or productions I auditioned for was largely because she prompted/encouraged/force me to do. I think I purposely shy away from doing that with Cortez. Of course, once he becomes involved in something, he has my full support, but for the most part, I stay out of it and let him explore and experience independently. So far it seems to be working.


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