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Who Will Be The First?

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Thank goodness for Costco online ordering & one-hour printing!

A while back I wrote about being a little more “bah humbug” and less “fa la la la la” then usual. It was the overwhelming sense of things I needed to do before Christmas that was causing my negativity.

It seemed as if all the things that needed to get done, over shadowed the joy of celebrating the season: Take down the fall decor and put up the Christmas lights, tree, wreaths, candles, pillows, nativity, advent. Buy Christmas gifts, make sure I know what exactly my own children want, write our annual newsletter, take the kids photo card picture. Confirm dates for my family celebration, for Cris’ family celebration, for the kids’ school performances, for the kids’ church activities.

You know what would put me over the top? Mail. Yup, mail! Who is going to be the first of my friends to show off and have mailed their Christmas greetings? That one piece of mail usually gets me in gear, revs me up, and gets me into the spirit. So, who will be the first?


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