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Always a Teacher

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I’m not in a classroom position this year. Instead I have administrative duties. I manage programs, activities, collect data, review expenditure plans. It’s a change of pace, yet I’m always a teacher.

This morning as I walked through the administrative building, there were kids sitting on desks outside the counselors office, sent here because they misbehaved. They were supposed to filling out an “incident report” to share their side of the story. They were fooling around, as is expected when students think they are not being watched in the office hallway. As I approached I said, “It’s only 10 am and you’re here in the office.” They quickly looked back at the papers and continued to write – except one boy. He raised his hand and waited expectantly for me to call on him.

“Yes,” I said.

“I don’t have a pencil.”

Taking the one from behind my ear (’cause we teachers are mostly, always prepared) I handed it to him and said, “get back to work.” Without missing a beat, I walked back to my office.

See… always a teacher!

(Now don’t get me started how I’m always a bookstore clerk which was my college job… and I constantly resist the urge to order books and straighten greeting cards, matching cards to envelopes!)


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