Slight Turbulence

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Same But Different

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KidC playing the sax while KidA sits at the keyboard. She's not taking lessons because she can't quite decide which instrument she wants to play yet!

It’s also a whole lot different having a 10-year old girl than a 10-year old boy. When my KidC was in 5th grade, he came home and said his teacher wanted them to bring in one ornament each, to decorate the class Christmas tree. Not a problem. What kind of ornament? Hand-made, store-bought, specific color, specific theme? Nope, he claimed, just an ornament.

This year, KidA has the same teacher and she claims that every year Mrs. Shirai has the students bring in something to put on the tree that represents who they are and/or how they celebrate this time of the year.

Who wants to bet that was the same assignment two years ago, but KidC either wasn’t paying attention or it was just another assignment to him. Stereo-typical guy attitude.

(Don’t think it’s so much easier with KidA. This girl cannot make decisions. She takes forever and even after she finally does make a decision, she’ll wonder if she shouldn’t change her mind. Yup. Stereo-typical girl!


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