Slight Turbulence

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Out of the Mouths of Babes

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Papo with KidI and my NephewC

My dad, we call him Papo, prides himself as being sarcastic, cheap, and generally grouchy. In fact, when my kids tease him that he’s their grouchy, old, grandpa (I guess sarcasm is hereditary), he encourages the moniker.

So yesterday he was doing his schtick as the kids were asking what he got them for Christmas. He was claiming he didn’t give gifts and the KidC came back tauntingly  by saying, “It’s as if you have no heart!” So Papo jumped on that and said, “Nope, I’ve got no heart at all.” Kid A got in on the action trying to prove he did have a heart because he loved them, and loved my mom, and loved M&Ms…

They were going back and forth and then KidI spoke up and quietly said, “But Papo, do you have a soul?”

Surprised, I heard my father pause and slowly admit, “Yes” he did have a soul.

She responded, matter-of-factly, “Well, if you have a soul, then you have a heart.” Then she went back to swinging on the chin up bar he has in his door frame, content she had proved her point.


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Now What?


What do I say to this love of mine?

I accidentally left my iPhone at home today (both a good and not so good thing). When I finally made it home I had an invitation for KidI waiting in my Inbox.

After trying out a couple of weeks ago, she has been “selected to compete Level 4 for the 2012 compulsory season.”

Yay! I am so proud of her accomplishment.

Of course, my littlest confidently declared, “I knew I made it. I saw my scores were all eights, nines, and tens.”

On the flip side of that coin is also a kinda soft voice whispering a little frantically, “Now what?”

The invitation letter goes on further to remind me of the $200 a month tuition fee and her workout schedule. It’s Tuesdays, Thursdays, and Sundays for three hours each day! So 4:30-7:30 on week days and 3:00-6:00 on the weekend! Goodness, her bedtime is 8:00!

That’s just the beginning of my concerns. What about homework? Playtime? My gasoline? Do I wait there for three hours or drive home in traffic and then drive back. And of course, there will be gymnastics meets.

Is it just me or is this a little too much for a 2nd grader? Is this too much for a mother of two other children?

Or am I, by being apprehensive, on the verge of preventing my youngest from doing something she could potentially love and go on to excel at?

Seriously. Now what?!?!

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Guest Writer: KidI

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Christmas is a special time because of course we get to celebrate the birthday of Jesus. We also get to hang out with family and not have to go to school. We get to wrap and open presents. It’s awesome that we can all be together to celebrate. This year it’s nice because I worked hard in school and in gymnastics. After this time we will have a new year to do our best in all these things again.

 ~Isabel Callie, age 7

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Guest Writer: KidA

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Fall 2011

Christmas is special to me because it is one of the times that my family comes together to celebrate. Some things that I have to celebrate this year are getting elected 2nd Vice President at school and having worked hard to get really, really good grades on my regular and enrichment report cards. This year I was excited to do all my own Christmas shopping. I got gifts for my friends considering their personality and what they would like. That’s what makes Christmas special to me, thinking about others before myself.

~Aiyana Camille, age 10

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Guest Writer: KidC


Fall 2011

What Christmas really means to me is giving to others. I enjoy making others feel happy. I like knowing that I have made others feel joy. I am happy that I get to put a smile on the faces of those I love and care about. This year, I enjoy being a member of the drama club, playing volleyball at our rec center, and being in honor band. Although I am spending more time with new friends, Christmas makes me appreciate having the time to come together with my family.

~Cortez McKenna, age 12

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