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Family Ornament for 2011

Each year we find a family ornament to represent our year. I started back in 1995 with an ornament of a church – our wedding. The first years of our marriage there were ornaments from places we traveled – Mexico and Bali. When my DH got into the fire department I found a toy fire truck.

As we started having children, ornaments for each of them. Then we got the mailbox – when we moved into our house. We’ve got ornaments from Kaua’i, Las Vegas, San Francisco. We’ve got ornaments of activities – KidC starting growth hormone shots, the kids playing soccer, our ski trip.

This year, well this year, there didn’t seem to be any significant first for all of us. Sure KidC started intermediate school and gained a little more independence. Sure the KidA was elected 2nd Vice President of her student council. Sure KidI went to her first sleep over. Each of us did significant things, but nothing as a group. Except…

This spring and summer, we took advantage of our neighborhood rec center to have the children play volleyball. They had a great time. That would be it! Our ornament would be a volleyball.

It was not easy to find a volleyball ornament. I found a few online, but I nothing I really liked. Either they were of a girl or a boy or a college team or odd colors.

Then tonight, walking around Pearlridge Center, I found Santa’s Pen. I’ve bought things here before – personalized stockings for the kids, gifts for grandma and grandpa, ornaments for family on the mainland, and now I had finally found a volleyball and I could get it personalized.

Then… the kids saw the musical notes. That was the one they wanted. They said because KidC had started playing the saxophone, and KidI was playing the violin, and earlier in the year both KidC and KidA were in the musical Mulan Jr!

What could I say? It was an ornament they connected with and I loved the memories that would be associated with the selection. Also, Aiyana finally has decided she’ll take piano lesson and then later learn to play the guitar. So hooray for decisions (see yesterday’s post).


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