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Joy in Unity

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    I’m not sure if I was just having a difficult time focusing this morning in church or if the material was confusing me, however, I started my “lesson learned” from the Sunday morning sermon two weeks ago and I’m determined to continue.

We continued the theme of Joy and began by reading Philippines 2. For those of you not “in the know” or without a B-I-B-L-E handy, Paul is still in prison, writing to the church in Philippi. He’s hoping to encourage them because, like many groups or organizations that are growing in numbers, they are having some petty disagreements and problems of selfishness are emerging.

So, Paul, encourages unity by holding up an example of humility –> Jesus. The whole “live like a man, be sacrificed by your daddy, WWJD” presentation is so the church will step back and see that they need to stop their infighting and find their purpose.

So… real life application. So many ways, so little space to keep your attention. Starting with work. Um, can you say, “Don’t people have better things to do than complain?!” I mean how unhappy and selfish are you that you are counting the number of days you go out for yard duty? We need a little less in-house bickering and more unity as a faculty to really move our curriculum goals forward!

How about in our family. In my family. I know that when the DH and I are unified about a plan — a family vacation, a large purchase, the way we discipline the children — it sometimes requires a great amount of humility. Now when the stars align and I accept the meek role of humility (haha!) there is more joy than not. No really, with DH and I together in agreement, the kids know exactly where we stand and are more willing to accept things, more assured, more excited, more joyful.

There! Lesson learned. Selfishness, complaining, grumpiness are all detractors for achieving unity, and the joy of unity!


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