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PEP-T Reflection

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I’m the group of teachers on staff to be evaluated this year. The department has a wondrous way of selecting who’ll be evaluated — by the last digit in our Social Security Number.

The Professional Evaluation Program for Teachers (PEP-T)  has a timeline for evaluation. At the beginning of the year, we met with our administrators to review the evaluation areas. There are 5 “Duties of a Teacher” that I am responsible to meet satisfactorily.

I’ll be rated Satisfactory, Marginal, or Unsatisfactory before April 15 and notified before the third of May if I’m anything less than Satisfactory. I’ll know before the end of the school year that I’m Satisfactory, although I’d figure that out if no one says anything to me by May 18th won’t I?

Besides supporting documents I need to prepare to demonstrate meeting each of the five duties, there are visitations, and also a 2-page reflection paper I need to write. That’s what I thought I’d work on today. As you can tell, I’m facing writer’s block on the paper. Mostly on how to get started. Mostly because I’m wondering if I can come up with legitimately 2 pages worth of reflections on my “practice” as a teacher. Okay, okay, mostly because I’m just procrastinating and should really just get it done.

PS: The Duties of a Teacher in PEP-T for which teachers are responsible are:

  • Duty 1: Designs and Implements Effective Strategies to Develop Self-Responsible/Independent Learners
  • Duty 2: Creates and Maintains a Positive and Safe Learning Environment
  • Duty 3: Uses Assessment Data
  • Duty 4: Demonstrates Professionalism
  • Duty 5: Reflects on Practice

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