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Christmas Wish List Dilemma


To buy the book or not?

After Thanksgiving I print out a Christmas Wish List “form” for each of my kids. There are five blanks and sometimes I specify a cost limit. Depending on what the requests are, their wishes are for the most part, granted — with the help of grandparents, ourselves, and Santa.

This year, the iPad 2 wishes are already off the table. I’m still iffy about the 3Ds to replace their DSi handheld game players. We’re almost finished with the Christmas shopping…

The girls this year will thank Santa for their roller blades. KidI’s got a Crayola Crayon Maker, Bop It, and a Dippin’ Dots Maker in her future. We are still deciding on which of the “weapons” to get KidC. Fortunately for us, he also asked for books by a favorite author (Clive Cussler) and mechanical pencils so those are do-able.

Shopping for KidA on the other hand, has been more difficult. Besides the roller blades (done), new Heely’s (done), the 3DS (maybe), iPad 2 (nope), she also listed a book she wanted: “The Lost Hero” by Rick Riordan. Only problem, she recently crossed it off her list when she was able to borrow it from the library and has been vigorously reading this past week.

I casually asked her if there were other books in the series and she said there was a second book and it had just been released. Perfect I thought — until I found out I could get it online for $40 (hard back). Whaaat?? $40 for a book. I know, I know, the toys I bought KidI cost about that much and more, but a book?

I even considered getting her a Kindle just to buy the electronic version for under $10. Ugh! What to do?


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