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Level 4 Try Outs

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Kid I on the balance beam back in OctoberKidI and I didn’t go to church today. Instead, we went to the Level 4 (competitive gymnastics) Team tryouts at her gymnastics club (Hawaiian Island Twisters).

We’ve gotten the notices before. Inviting both girls to try out for competitive gymnastics, but I just ignored it. It’s a big commitment, both in time and money. It requires at least 3 practices a week, totally 9 hours. It requires $200 a month with an additional $75 annual club membership. It requires up to an additional $500 in team uniforms, meet fees, and other misc. costs determined and tracked by the booster club. It also requires parents to fully participate in fundraising efforts.

This season, KidI’s coach specially caught the DH when he was picking up the girls and said she should try out. We weren’t surprised. She loves tumbling and rolling and hand standing. More so than KidA, who could really pass on the once a week recreational class  that we force her to take as part of a way to address the less than 9% curvature of her spine she inherited from me (yes, Margaret, it’s scoliosis).

At first I was going to dismiss the try outs again, but then I thought, “What if this is KidI’s “thing?” Am I going to stifle that interest?” So, with a small, teeny, tiny, hope that she wouldn’t make the team, I called and signed her up for the try outs.

She was amazingly calm prior to the try outs. Saying she would just think of it as another day of practice. I was surprised that she could do most of the things they asked her to do. After she finished the hour and a half try out she walked off the mat, gave me a thumbs up, and said, “I made it!”

Ha! What confidence. And, what a competitive spirit I witnessed in my youngest. I hadn’t realized she had it in her. At home I told her, “You did great today. If you don’t make the team, I know you did your best.” She looked at me and said, “Okay, but I was good. I think I made it.”

Shucks, I better have more faith in my children! I also better get ready to be a busier mom! I called the gym today and they said they usually contact the girls in a couple of weeks. Will keep you posted!


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