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Annual Newsletter – Ack!

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The Bartolome Banner 2010

I started the year KidC was born. He was born early and had to spend almost 8 weeks the NICU at Kapiolani Hospital until we could bring him home. When we finally did, it was the best Thanksgiving and Christmas season we’d had since 1997. Well, it must have been, because that was the only other year I published “The Bartolome Banner” before then.

So, since 1999, every Christmas, along with a picture of the kiddos, I send a family newsletter that updates friends, family, and others (sorry, I just watched Modern Family‘s Express Christmas episode) on what we’ve been up to the past year.

Lately, it seems to be getting more and more difficult to write. At least that’s what I’m telling myself because I have yet to sit down and work on the newsletter.

Maybe it’s because I’m working to post a blog every day and so I just don’t think there’s anything really interesting and new to include in the newsletter. Maybe I’m not creative enough, but want to go in a different direction than the usual “This is what KidC did this year, this is what KidA loves doing, this is what KidI accomplished…”

Don’t get me wrong. I love, I mean absolutely love reading all that in other people’s newsletters. In fact, I wish they’d write more! Or at least hold an online Q & A session so I could follow-up on “how much did you pay for that vacation?” or “how the heck do you stay so thin after telling me all the wondrous places you ate this past year?”

Well, at least I finally sat the kids down to take their annual picture by our Christmas tree. That in itself is a tremendous accomplishment. Maybe I could just make a label with a link to my blog and say, “Read up… this basically tells you what we’ve been up to the past year. Merry Christmas & Happy New Year! Oh, and PS, your “like” and comments are so very much appreciated. “


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