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Harried Holidays!

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Huh? I didn't hear you. I was too busy being awesome.

How does this happen? I’m a planner. It shouldn’t get this hectic. Today I picked up the Christmas photo cards, finished the annual newsletter, baked and packaged and labeled treats for my co-workers, am sending all three children off to school tomorrow with presents for their teachers and, and , and… and I still have so much more I want to do!

I still have to address and mail off those cards and newsletters. Then I need to package the treats for our neighbors and have the children deliver them. I’ve got to make sure the children practice the song they’ll perform at church this Sunday. Then I still need to get gifts for my parents and in-laws, and also for the mail carrier and garbage truck driver.

Tomorrow I’m going to the Wicked Preview and have been worrying about being able get enough family and friends organized to buy 20+ tickets on a date NEXT YEAR that will satisfy everyone. (Interested? Give me a holler!)

Then, I want to take the family to see the city lights and Honolulu Hale Christmas tree display — preferable on the Aloha Bus since KidA and KidI have been excited to ride on a double-decker bus since it started operations early this year.

We’ll have parties for the DH’s  family, both his mom’s and dad’s side. Don’t know why we don’t have one planned for my side, but I’m keeping my mouth shut. That would be just one more thing to do!

Last December the holiday activities did not seem so demanding. I remember being relaxed and calm and having time to enjoy things. Must figure out how to return to that mode and in the meantime, Happy Harried Holidays! (Students are on holiday from tomorrow until January 3rd!)


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