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A Wicked Preview

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Last night we attended the Wicked Preview at the Blaisdell Exhibit Hall. A couple of years ago, I organized a bunch of family members and bought group discounted tickets to see Lion King. Since then, it seems I’m on that “willing to buy seats in bulk” mailing list and get invitations to do so whenever something big comes to town.

The latest production is Wicked. From what I can gather, based on the promotional clip we watched last night, it’s a show that I WANT to see. The producer read reviews and personal emails of critics and theater goers who all say it’s a show that I WANT to see. From what my nephew tells me, if the play is as brilliant as the book, it’s a show that I WANT to see. Just based on the fact that The Wizard of Oz has been one of my favorite books and movies since I played a munchkin with the Maui Theater for Youth when I was seven years old, it’s a show that I WANT to see.

Of course, with the economy being what it is, and the fact that it is gift giving season, and the cheapest tickets were $45, I may enjoy HEARING it more than anything.

We sprang for the next level of pricing and at $65.45 per person (same price for children) even as I realized I could basically fly round-trip to the mainland when Hawaiian has really good deals. That’s still balcony, towards the back seats. I’m counting on the singing being spectacular enough to make the actors appear larger, since we’ll still be quite a distance from the stage.

However, an appreciation of the arts and culture is pretty important. Not to mention the practice the children get when dressing up, sitting nicely, and being respectful audience members at live theater.

Another great by-product of the preview and deciding to splurge (yes, it’s a splurge), is that KidC wants to read the book. Even though my children all love read already, it’s always satisfying to know they want to read more.

The preview was pretty great to, by the way. The cocktail reception included prime rib sandwiches, sushi, fruits, vegetables, cream puff, cookies, brownies, and green jello! Drinks flowed freely, both alcoholic and non. One of the people walking around in Wicked polo shirts told KidI she could take a wand and even the pointy hat that decorated the standing tables. We also got gift bags with a sticker, pin, and t-shirt (although they were XL-2XL sizes). The best part was enjoying two songs by the female leads. The only thing better would have been if the woman playing Elphaba was in her green make-up!

I’ve yet to read the book and my nephew has been very careful not to spoil the story when he talks to me about it. I’m excited… I might just read the book before the kids do!


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