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Sometimes I’m Single

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I guess today I just wanted someone to share the day with...

Today was a looooong day. I half-heartedly woke up early to head to the Macy’s morning sale to pick up a grab bag gift for our family Christmas party. I say “early” but really it was at 8 am and more than 30 minutes after the DH had to leave for work.

I think I was already in a bad mood because when he leaves for work, it’s for a 24-hour shift at a time. Most days I’m used to him being gone. The kids pretty much have his schedule figured out, but some days they still ask, “Is dad home tonight?”

This particular day was one I was dreading because KidC had a cast party in the evening. I would have liked to drop him off and then pick him up when it was over, but they were supposed to induct him as a Junior Thespian, so the other parents pressured me into attending so I could witness his accomplishment.

I love seeing my children succeed, it’s just sometimes it is more difficult than others because sometimes I’m there alone. I realize I have little to complain about since, unlike truly single parents who are managing totally by themselves, in 24-hours I’ll have my husband home to join in whatever family function we have to attend. It’s just sometimes it builds up and the singleness of attending a band concert, driving to gymnastics, arranging piano lessons, snacks for basketball, and being sociable at a cast party is really over-whelming.

Of course, life continues and tomorrow the sun comes up. A new day begins and I put on a cheerful attitude and remember that it’s only sometimes that I’m single.


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