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Bring it on, bring it on, bring it on. From here to the eyes and the ears of the 'verse, that's my motto. Or at least it would be, if I start having a motto.

Too Many Memes

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That’s memes. It rhymes with dreams. 

You know those posts that go viral on Facebook? The ones people copy and post and then get copied and posted over and over again. You’ve seen the “I’m going to Paris for 6 months” or “On the kitchen table” posts and then done a quick search to see what possible way these post would lead us to all be more aware of our breasts.

Well, today I realized that I’m mis-reading way too many things. I blame those meme puzzlers. You know, the ones where you are shown just the bottom half of words but can still read the paragraph because our brains are incredible about filling in the missing letter parts based how we interpret word shape and boundaries.

Just a few minutes ago I read a tweet that said, “Veterinarians Respond To Over Population Of Cats” and I immediately thought … now why would veterans care about the over population of cats?

Yesterday, I kept wondering what was up with the “MLK Celebrations.” I mean, I think milk does a body good, but what’s the connection with Martin Luther King day?

At the beginning of the year I kept being amazed at how many people were traveling to Honolulu AND using the HNL airport code to tweet it. NOT! They were tweeting HNY. You know, the shortcut for Happy New Year!

I can’t tell you how many times I’ve replaced words that begin with the br- blend and substituted breast and wondered why in the world there are commercials about the breast insurance plans and all the breast comedies on one channel. Yeah, I’m totally blaming memes on this, because it’s not at all a subconscious obsession with breasts. But while we’re on the subject, I think I read a tweet about free mammograms being offered by Kapiolani Medical Center. No really.


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A Little Sun

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Went to the beach today.

Got a little sun on my arms and legs.

Now I feel healthy. Even a bit more toned. Yes, in the muscular sense.

I think it’s only because with a bit of a tan I can’t see all my cellulite!

Ah, the small joys in life!

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Something Fishy

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I made all the labels face the same direction. The little things make me happy. LOL!

I think I’m a pretty clean person. I’m not obsessed with cleanliness, but I do wipe down, straighten, match, and put away most things in a specific place, order, or position. So it came as an odd sensation when I first thought I smelled (smelt?) something fishy in the refrigerator.

The DH at first said he couldn’t smell it. Then I thought the pantry was open and I was smelling the patis (fish sauce). Maybe one of the kids hadn’t secured the cap or a little had spilled down the side of the bottle and was wafting over to the refrigerator.

I checked. Nothing.

I would open the door. Sniff. Sniff another place. Sniff again. Still I couldn’t pinpoint the source of the odor. Not really pungent or particularly strong. Just faint enough to make me annoyed.

So today I broke down and cleaned the refrigerator. And that is what surprised me. Now if you have never cleaned your refrigerator. Plan to. Tomorrow. Really. Like I said, I’m clean, but my refrigerator was surprisingly not. No, no, no. No mildew, or huge spills, or moldy food. Just smudges, crumbs, shriveled carrot slices, pieces of labels, twisty ties, empty zip lock bags, ketchup packets, empty mustard bottles, even expired stuff.

First I cleared out the things on the door. Cleaned all the bottles, jars, caps, covers. I could still smell it.

Next I pulled out all the drawers. Washed them down. Left them outside to dry in the warm sun. I could still smell it.

Finally, the shelves. I wiped, lifted the glass and got in the crevices, under the brackets, and behind the 40-watt bulb even. I could still smell it — but a lot less. Lingering. Taunting me. Ugh!

I looked again. Baking soda? Baking soda is what I use to absorb the odors in my refrigerator. Could it be? It could. I removed the box and a couple of hours later the smell was gone. Well, at least I think it’s gone. I hope it’s gone. Good news though is my refrigerator is nice and clean and organized! Now go clean yours!

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Bad Parent! Oops!


So… KidC came home from school and as usual, when I asked how his day went, he answered “Great.” As I worked to manipulate more information out of him he suddenly stopped and said, “Hey I started reading my book in class and Ms. Evans asked me where I got it.”

He proceeded to tell me how he explained we went to the Aiea Public Library over the vacation break. How he borrowed, read, and returned all his books. Then, how right before the end of the break, I got a postcard that a book I had reserved was available. He shared that she told me he wanted to read it and I had let him.

Well…. that book was The Girl with the Dragon Tattoo.

Ms. Evans then told him that he might want to make sure I had allowed him to read the book because there were some inappropriate sections for intermediate-aged students. That I probably would want to read the book first before letting him read it.

I felt so embarrassed as I read the responses to a quick and simple Google search of “Is The Girl with the Dragon Tattoo appropriate for teenagers?” Yikes!

I broke the news to KidC. He couldn’t read the book. I would read it first and then decide if it was appropriate. He resisted. I let him read the search results. Besides the “what is depraved?” query, I was amused that he caught a comment that referred to the book’s sequel. (He does love to read!)

I’m pretty sure he is now even more intrigued by what sexual content is contained in this now taboo book. I really should have been more responsible in screening his reading material. Thank goodness for caring teachers like Ms. Evans. (I already sent her off an email apologizing for my slouchy parental oversight and also thanking her for deferring the decision back to me to allow KidC to ultimately read the book.)

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Seriously?! On the First Day Back?!

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Finally a Wi-Fi signal! Hooray!

I jokingly thought this morning, “It’s as if I forgot how to get ready for work.”

I should have realized that getting back into the groove of a work morning routine was the least of my hurdles for the day.

I forgot the key to my office. Then I found it. I had just sat down and got a phone call that lasted for 42 minutes. The office wi-fi router was down until 10:45 am. Finally got time on the dedicated budget workstation and realized I didn’t have a password, then I did, then it was wrong, then I got a new one. Also realized I didn’t have the login for another financial management system. Had to fax in a request form. Began to explore the budget program and discovered after a certain point an extended numeric keypad was necessary. The USB one plugged into the laptop I was using isn’t recognized by the antiquated system,

That was all before 11:45 am.

I really hope tomorrow goes better.

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