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Seriously?! On the First Day Back?!

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Finally a Wi-Fi signal! Hooray!

I jokingly thought this morning, “It’s as if I forgot how to get ready for work.”

I should have realized that getting back into the groove of a work morning routine was the least of my hurdles for the day.

I forgot the key to my office. Then I found it. I had just sat down and got a phone call that lasted for 42 minutes. The office wi-fi router was down until 10:45 am. Finally got time on the dedicated budget workstation and realized I didn’t have a password, then I did, then it was wrong, then I got a new one. Also realized I didn’t have the login for another financial management system. Had to fax in a request form. Began to explore the budget program and discovered after a certain point an extended numeric keypad was necessary. The USB one plugged into the laptop I was using isn’t recognized by the antiquated system,

That was all before 11:45 am.

I really hope tomorrow goes better.


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