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Bad Parent! Oops!


So… KidC came home from school and as usual, when I asked how his day went, he answered “Great.” As I worked to manipulate more information out of him he suddenly stopped and said, “Hey I started reading my book in class and Ms. Evans asked me where I got it.”

He proceeded to tell me how he explained we went to the Aiea Public Library over the vacation break. How he borrowed, read, and returned all his books. Then, how right before the end of the break, I got a postcard that a book I had reserved was available. He shared that she told me he wanted to read it and I had let him.

Well…. that book was The Girl with the Dragon Tattoo.

Ms. Evans then told him that he might want to make sure I had allowed him to read the book because there were some inappropriate sections for intermediate-aged students. That I probably would want to read the book first before letting him read it.

I felt so embarrassed as I read the responses to a quick and simple Google search of “Is The Girl with the Dragon Tattoo appropriate for teenagers?” Yikes!

I broke the news to KidC. He couldn’t read the book. I would read it first and then decide if it was appropriate. He resisted. I let him read the search results. Besides the “what is depraved?” query, I was amused that he caught a comment that referred to the book’s sequel. (He does love to read!)

I’m pretty sure he is now even more intrigued by what sexual content is contained in this now taboo book. I really should have been more responsible in screening his reading material. Thank goodness for caring teachers like Ms. Evans. (I already sent her off an email apologizing for my slouchy parental oversight and also thanking her for deferring the decision back to me to allow KidC to ultimately read the book.)


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3 thoughts on “Bad Parent! Oops!

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  2. Bad Parent? Slouchy Parent? I think (know) NOT!! I think you just have a very eager smart teenager reader. I had kinda mention this book to the kids and they bought it for me for Christmas! And I haven’t opened it just yet! I think your Son is awesome just like his Mommy!! Nice page by the way, haven’t been around here lately………gotta go look!! : )


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