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Something Fishy

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I made all the labels face the same direction. The little things make me happy. LOL!

I think I’m a pretty clean person. I’m not obsessed with cleanliness, but I do wipe down, straighten, match, and put away most things in a specific place, order, or position. So it came as an odd sensation when I first thought I smelled (smelt?) something fishy in the refrigerator.

The DH at first said he couldn’t smell it. Then I thought the pantry was open and I was smelling the patis (fish sauce). Maybe one of the kids hadn’t secured the cap or a little had spilled down the side of the bottle and was wafting over to the refrigerator.

I checked. Nothing.

I would open the door. Sniff. Sniff another place. Sniff again. Still I couldn’t pinpoint the source of the odor. Not really pungent or particularly strong. Just faint enough to make me annoyed.

So today I broke down and cleaned the refrigerator. And that is what surprised me. Now if you have never cleaned your refrigerator. Plan to. Tomorrow. Really. Like I said, I’m clean, but my refrigerator was surprisingly not. No, no, no. No mildew, or huge spills, or moldy food. Just smudges, crumbs, shriveled carrot slices, pieces of labels, twisty ties, empty zip lock bags, ketchup packets, empty mustard bottles, even expired stuff.

First I cleared out the things on the door. Cleaned all the bottles, jars, caps, covers. I could still smell it.

Next I pulled out all the drawers. Washed them down. Left them outside to dry in the warm sun. I could still smell it.

Finally, the shelves. I wiped, lifted the glass and got in the crevices, under the brackets, and behind the 40-watt bulb even. I could still smell it — but a lot less. Lingering. Taunting me. Ugh!

I looked again. Baking soda? Baking soda is what I use to absorb the odors in my refrigerator. Could it be? It could. I removed the box and a couple of hours later the smell was gone. Well, at least I think it’s gone. I hope it’s gone. Good news though is my refrigerator is nice and clean and organized! Now go clean yours!


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