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It’s Pi Day!


Chocolate Haupia, Fresh Strawberry, Chocolate, and Macadamia Nut pie from Anna Millers!

About a month ago, KidA came home and shared she was studying how to find the circumference of a circle. She talked about pi, you know, “the area of a circle is equal to π times the square of the radius of the circle.” KidA also shared that her teacher was surprised to find out that we celebrate Pi Day every year…

“Ah, we do?” I ask.

“Yup! I told her how we’ve celebrated ever since our trip to San Francisco…” Ahhh, I did remember that.

Cris and I had finally realized we could be away from the children (a totally different blog subject) and took a vacation in San Francisco back in 2008. We toured the city, enjoyed quiet dinners together, and watched a Raiders game. It was a wonderful visit. So much so that the next year, since Cris had a work trip there, he extended his visit and the kids and I joined him for a week of family fun.

It so happened we were there on March 14 – Pi Day as the Exploratorium declared. There were kids activities, contests, explanations, crafts, and more. Now KidA was just in 2nd grade at the time, but I guess those experiences stuck with her (good thing she pays attention) and as I look back, I guess since 2009, we have made a point to head out to get pie and do mathematical computations every year since then. (I totally am kidding about that second part!)

This year, Cris was working, so I dragged my parents out to Anna Miller’s and enjoyed dinner and pie and pi. KidI worked to memorize as many digits as she could and got up to 3.14159264 when we were confidently informed by KidC that it was really 3.14159265 and an argument of rounding and eventually irrational number computation ensued between KidA and KidC and my dad while the more reasonable of us (my mom, KidI, and myself) quietly enjoyed our pie.

It ended when KidC declared that he had gotten up to 50 binder pages worth of writing pi a couple of years ago and “maybe I still have them, because I’d like to get up to a million digits.” Then EVERYBODY rolled their eyes and finished their pie.

What a wonderful evening!

PS: If you missed Pi Day, you can still enjoy the pie and Anna Millers, isn’t it clever that their anniversary is also the month of March. Next year I’m guess it’ll be 40¢ a slice. And we’ll be there!