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Aiyana Bartolome + President


Aiyana is truly the best person for the job of student council President. Just look at what her own classmates are saying about her:

Hi, I’m Kacie and I’m voting for Aiyana beause she cooperates with others really well.

Hi, I’m Kiana and I’m going to vote for Aiyana because she shows a lot of respect to everybody.

Hi I’m Dani and I’m voting for Aiyana because she’s organized and responsible.

Hi, I’m Kara and I’m going to vote for Aiyana because she takes pride in everything she does.

My name is David and Aiyana is a good candidate for President because she’s honest.

My name is Ryan and you should vote for Aiyana for President because she is kind to everyone.

Learn more about Aiyana and her campaign at Aiyana Bartolome + President.