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Heady Conversation

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I have realized I have only a few good years left. I’m giving myself 2, maybe 3 years tops before I am regulated to conversations about weather or what new word I’ve learned via my Dictionary dot com app. And then, I’m sure they’ll simply humor my understanding of things and roll their eyes behind my back.

I’m of course talking about my children. And not in a bad way. Simply the truth. How do I know this? Well, on Saturday I had to take KidC to town to pick up a music book for his band class. After the purchase we decided to head to Ala Moana Shopping Center.

Carrying a bottle of water as we window shopped at the mall, KidI noticed the volume measurement and said, “my bottle weighs 16 FL. OZ. That would have been fine, except KidC and KidA overheard her and that prompted, a weirdly intense discussion questioning if fluid ounce was a measure of weight or a measure of volume or a measure of capacity. (I kid you not. I mean, what the heck kind of kids am I raising who discuss math at a shopping mall. Weirdos!)

Then KidA said to me, “I really have a hard time with the metric system. It confuses me.” To which I sagely replied, “Well, I’m sure if you grew up outside the U.S. you’d have no problem with it.” (You know, because I don’t want her to think she can’t understand math stuff.)

She shrugged and for some odd reason I continued speaking, “Although, in countries that use the metric system, they still count donuts by the dozen.” (Yeah, in retrospective I should have just kept my mouth shut.)

To which KidA looked at me and said, “Well, isn’t that because it’s a customary unit of measure?” Uh, wha-aat?

I vaguely recalled customary units having to do with commerce and trade in the history of our system of measurement. I frantically racked my brain to recall how and why we label things we measure. What was a customary unit? Are there non-customary units? Quick Christina, say something smart back to your child.

Nothing. My mind was empty. Boy the mall was crowded and the sun was hot…

Thankfully my distraction gave KidC just enough time to jump into the conversation and they were off again, deep in discussion about who knows what. At which point I said to KidA, “Let’s go to the Lego Store. I’ll buy you something for Children’s Day.”

Yup. 2 to 3 years tops.


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One thought on “Heady Conversation

  1. Hi, Kid A here. Or maybe you should call me by my real name, AIYANA! So anyway, I didn’t say the metric system confused me, I said that it was weird. You can’t quote something if no one said it. Yup, you have a few good years left, but you seem like you’re losing your memory.


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