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Last month, the DH got enthralled by a late night National Geographic channel series called Doomsday Preppers. The people featured all believed doomsday was approaching our world in various ways and were getting themselves ready. They planned not only to survive the devastation, but thrive in the aftermath!

Stocked with food stuffs, water, purifier kits, fuel, and of course fire arms, these preppers planned escape routes, established bug-out shelters, and hid caches of supplies. Amazing. Crazy. And yes, a little bit disturbing.

It became a running joke with our family that, not only are we ill-prepared for doomsday, our hurricane kit is nonexistent, and there are times that we’ve been so busy, our refrigerator barely has enough food to make a meal.

Well the other evening at dinner, I joked with the kids how, instead of converting the office/homeschool space downstairs into a library, with shelves lining the walls (an idea they LOVED by the way!), their dad and I were going begin stocking doomsday supplies.

I thought they’d roll their eyes, chuckle, and get the joke. Instead, they got excited and wanted in on the planning.

“Those rolling metal, wire racks from Costco would be great!”

“Don’t forget a place for containers to carry and store water!”

“What about weapons!” (Yeah, that one was from KidC. Are all boys like that?)

Don’t worry. We are NOT becoming doomsday preppers. I am however going to at least get my hurricane kit in better shape. In fact, we went to Costco (new coupons are valid now!) and I totally had that kit in mind… and then when we got to car I realized… well, we may be starving and ill-prepared to defend our home and family after doomsday, but we definitely will have a clean living space! Clorox wipes, Swifter dusters, detergent, shampoo AND conditioner, dish soap, dishwasher tablets – I’m stocked! And really, isn’t it important that we strive to maintain some semblance of civil living when economies crumble, zombies roam the streets, and the natural disasters cause global warming and polar shifts?


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One thought on “Doomsday?

  1. yes, you know since zombies like a well maintained and CLEAN household 🙂


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