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Red Velvet Memories

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The DH sent me an email the other day. It was a recipe for Red Velvet Cheesecake Swirl Brownies. I figured it was either a request to bake or he wanted me to start a Pinterest board for him. It was the first one. 😉

The resulting dessert wasn’t what any of us expected. The recipe was called a “brownie.” It was really more of a cake. I’m pretty sure it was good enough though (see picture), as no one waiting the full “cool completely” amount of time before sampling.

Would I bake it again? Well, at least one more time. Mostly because I bought two packages of cream cheese and now I have an entire bottle of red food coloring. That and, well, baking red velvet brought back a flood of unexpected memories of my Grams.

One memory in particular was the last time I remember helping her make red velvet cake. It was in the winter of 2003 and we were visiting Grams and Grampa in Grand Junction, Colorado. My parents had flown in with my children and husband from Hawaii and I met them there after a work conference in Oregon. It was the first time meeting KidA and Grams wanted to “make a memory.”

I remember being surprised about her adding vinegar to her recipe (these brownies also called for vinegar). I remember helping her carry out her cherished  Kitchen Aid to whip the cream cheese, egg, and sugar (I think of her every time I set mine up). I remember KidC asking to lick the spatula (I learned from Grams to always leave extra for your “special helper”).

We made a red velvet bundt cake and sang Happy Birthday to everyone that night – for all the birthdays they has missed since we all lived so far away from each other. We made a very special memory.


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