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Growing Food

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I’m fascinated by my own fascination of my zucchini plants. Or maybe I’m just remembering that childhood joke:  “Spell and use in a sentence. F-A-S-C-I-N-A-T-E, I got a new sweater that has 10 buttons for Christmas but I must have grown, because now I can only fascinate.” <groan!>

Back to the zucchini… I’ve been nursing along a few plants in my container garden for the past year. I have calamansi (Filipino citrus), Meyers lemons, basil, mint, green onions, eggplant, cherry tomatoes, rosemary, cilantro, and most recently, zucchini.

I think it’s because of where I planted the 2-inch high seedlings that contributed significantly to their success. I have two manila palms rescued by my cousin Jason when he was demolishing a property near Diamond Head. I’ve had them in pots for almost 10 years now. Huge pots that are on wheels, but truly too heavy to push around. Well, I thought I might as well use the space around the palms for something – you know – so I could have “levels” of plants.

At first I was going to plant flowers. I envisioned beautiful, colorful blossoms around the base of the trunks. Then when we had our wall repaired, “Uncle Esaias” commented, “Waste water all these plants. You should grow vegetables!” Which, I had to admit was true.

I wanted to grow cucumbers, but the DH suggested zucchini. He’s the cook, so who was I to argue with that suggestion!

Well, my zucchini amaze me – daily! First they grew so quickly. Really really quickly. Then the flowers came. Fascinating. Then little zucchini below those bright orange-yellow blooms. Thrilling!

[Here’s are pictures just two weeks after planting the seedlings…]


[Here’s are pictures I just took this morning!]


I read up on how to care for the plants, how much to water them, the possible need to help with the pollination, and when to harvest. Yay!

We’ve had zucchini in our pasta sauce and then last night we had tempura zucchini. Delicious!

I’m pretty sure, besides the fact that I’m not wasting water on decorative plants and that I’m actually eating vegetables that I’ve grown myself, the reason I like to just go outside and look at my plants is because I used to never be able to grow things. No really.

I once killed an air plant.


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