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Thoughtful Daughter


My middle child amazes me. Well, to be fair, all my children do amazing things. Really. I’m not just saying that as their mother. In this particular instance, it was a birthday present.

I’ve never been the best “gift-selector.” You know the type of people who are — I mean, the ones that remember your favorite color, an off-handed remark about a favorite books or designer, and then find the ideal gift that has nothing to do with cost and everything to do with kindness, sincerity, and just plain considerate effort. Yeah. I WANT to be that person, but being a last-minute “celebrator” it never happens.

That’s probably why I was so touched my KidA’s gift this year. I got the always appreciated promise to do extra chores from KidC and the extremely relaxing extended to 20-minute foot massage from KidI. Love them. Then KidA pulled out her gift. She had taken the DH shopping and bought me a mini backpack!

You see, I’ve been stuffing my wallet and phone in her mini backpack every time we go to a gymnastics meet or the pumpkin patch or a volleyball game or a quick pop in to the school office. I had mentioned a while back that I probably should get my own. I just have never gotten around to it.

Well, now I have my own. Love ya KidA! When you’re grown up and have a great job, mommy is so going to drop hints for things like vacations and jewelry!


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3 thoughts on “Thoughtful Daughter

  1. Awww, adorable!


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