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Career Choices

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As I was grinding the coffee beans for my morning cup of java, I thought, I could have been a barista. Then I giggled. When I was in college, making my “oh, so important” career decisions, coffee houses were bohemian haunts where patrons snapped instead of clapped and poetry reading included odd sources and extremely liberal ideals. Pretty much, not my scene, so yeah, no to being a barista!

Along that vein, I’ve often thought I’d also make a great waitress. I am good at multi-tasking. I am attentive to needing a refill or extra napkin. I enjoy delicious food. Of course, I’m a little sketchy in the “customer is always right” department, however, if you are generally agreeable with me, I’m sure your service would be superb!

I guess teaching and education is where I belong. I mean, I love telling people what to do, er, I mean, teaching people new things. Have a great day everyone!


Author: Christina

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One thought on “Career Choices

  1. Of course, now they have coffee places with scantily-clad baristas. You missed your calling šŸ˜‰


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