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Putting Up the Lights

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I started putting up our Christmas lights yesterday. Nothing elaborate. just a few candy canes around a planter border. As I was spacing the ground pegs, the DH stood on the balcony looking down at me and shook his head. The DH does not do Christmas lights.

As I finished (note to self, need to return to Target for at least two more strands of these solar candy cane lights), I pondered the DH’s lack of participation. Oh, he would help if I ask, ask, and then ask again. Of course by that time I’m over the lack of enthusiasm so it’s really no fun anymore. That’s why now I just do it myself.

In lieu of the DH, I have convinced KidC that he helps me each year. We make it “our” project and I’ll excitedly show him a new purchase or share my plans to store the lights in a more organized manner or the hooks and hangers that are sold to neatly hang the strands of lights.

So why am I blogging this? Am I a little irritated? Am I sometimes melancholy about not sharing the activity together? Of course! However, as I get closer to the 17th anniversary of being married to this man, I also know that it is totally fine.

The DH doesn’t like to put up the Christmas lights. I do. It should never become a “make or break kind of deal.” I think what is more important is that I know that he doesn’t enjoy something as much as I do and I don’t force him to enjoy it just because I do. Also, because as my Auntie Cindy once told me, there are always two sides to every story, and so I’m pretty sure the DH could hold up football, paintball, and most activities requiring physical exertion against my “putting up Christmas lights” just to start!

Thanks for reading and enjoy the Christmas season everyone!

PS: Hawaii peeps, if you are shopping at Target and see these, please pick up a couple of boxes for me! I’ll pay you back!



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