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All I Wanted For Christmas

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The remaining "black tooth" Yes, of course I had the kids do New Year resolutions on January 1st. I created a template, emailed, asked them to complete, print, sign, and then post on their bedroom bulletin boards.

This year, I added a section by having them reflect on the past year and share one thing great that happened to them.

KidC wrote about learning to fly and working to getting his pilot’s license. KidA shared how excited and honored she was to be elected President of her elementary school student council. Then there was KidI. The best thing that happened to her was losing her two front teeth. Whaaat?!?

Surely there was some other accomplishment she meant to write about?

How about completing her first season in competitive gymnastics. Placing first all-around at one of the meets. Performing a violin solo in church for Christmas. Being nominated to be tested for the gifted & talented program at school. Those were all ideas I prompted, thinking she just needed some reminders.


Nice and white!Apparently, KidI’s teeth have been loose since 2011. Yup, that’s what she remembers. Also, they were cavity ridden. I kid you not. We sometimes would remind her of her lack of dental hygiene by saying, “Go back and brush the black tooth.” Our dentist advised against filling the cavities because they were just baby teeth and would fall out soon enough. Looking back, that was when she was in 2nd grade and those darn teeth hung on until she made it to 3rd grade right before Halloween.

“Nothing wiggles and everything is white now.” KidI explained with a huge grin, “That’s the best thing about last year!”

Just goes to show priorities and realities of an eight year old!


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