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Speech & Debate

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In case you are wondering, it costs about $400 to sent a high school freshman to the Big Island from Oahu in January. I know this because KidC needed our non-refundable deposit of $200 to turn in tomorrow. Yup, he pretty much thinks there’s a money tree growing in our back yard.

One of the extra-curricular activities KidC participates is Speech and Debate. He has become quite devoted to this endeavor. He stays after school 4 days a week for up to 3 hours a day. He gives up entire Saturdays to research and practice and build files. The team is rebuilding after a 6 or 7 year absence on the competitive circuit, but KidC tells me his high school was quite the powerhouse in their heyday.

I’m all for supporting my children. I guess I didn’t expect the cost of my support to be due so quickly. I mean it was just last month that we made 30 lunches for the team at their University Lab tournament and I’m constantly donating cases of water bottles that they seem to go through like, well, like water. Of course, the trip is optional. And yes, of course, I’ll make him do hard labor of the balance due. It’s just that I miss the days when it was just $2 at the Children’s Discovery Center so he could participate in the Art in Park Wednesdays.


I wonder how many other parents face the dilemma of how much to “out-of-pocket” support their children’s activities versus insisting on earning their way or fundraising. I wonder how much more I need to include in our monthly budget for these types of activities? I wonder if I should go to the Big Island with him! I wonder if he could look more handsome in the suits I bought for him to compete. Goodness this is one expensive activity!



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