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Justifying a Wasting of Time

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We love to watch “How I Met Your Mother” at our house. Since discovering Netflix the kids have even grown to love it more as they were too young to watch the first few seasons, but can go back now as see the characters from the beginning.

 In one of the more recent episodes, the character of Marshall tries to tell his friends about the report he is responsible to turn in for work. The group finds information about this report boring and so they nickname it the “Ninja Report” to make it sound more exciting.

That was a long introduction to explain that I have a Ninja Report due Friday. Of course, instead of working on that, I have wasted my time playing a game on my iPad.

I justify this waste of time by explaining that the game is an educational one that KidI was introduced to last year. It’s called “Stack the States” and I’m obsessed with the “Map It” challenge to place all fifty states correctly.

I’ve done it correctly without any errors a couple of times but I want to be able to do it consistently without pause or any strikes (you can have up to three strikes).

I have difficulty with the Eastern states. Well, and the states below the Great Lakes like Ohio, Illinois, and Indiana. I’ve pretty much got the Gulf Coast states down once I related them to what I know from “True Blood.” Then for some reason Delaware and Connecticut are my blind spot states that I can’t figure out why I get them sometimes and other times, totally miss the mark.

I know the Ninja Report is due. Aren’t I ensuring that my brain is challenged by playing this game? That’s what I’m doing. I’m sharpening my mind so that I can knock that report out in no time!

I’m posting a blog every day this month for NaBloPoMo!20131101-183925.jpg


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One thought on “Justifying a Wasting of Time

  1. While reading this blog, while at work…yes work! Makes me want to run and the game to play, play and play. Okay, maybe later….


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