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Hustle for Health 2013

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Today KidI’s school put on their annual Hustle for Health event. All the students collect pledges to raise money to hire a part-time music teacher, a part-time physical education teacher, testing materials, and maintenance for their campus copier machines and air conditioner units. You know, the usual things public schools shouldn’t need to raise money for but do.

On the day of Hustle for Health, the students run around the school and community park for a designated amount of time, counting their laps. They are enthused. Of course, that’s mostly because of the mist machines set up along their running route and the countless opportunities to pour cups of water over their heads.

The entire school, staff, and even most of the parents then line the school’s open field and “Do the Hustle.” Yup, that’s right, the popular dance from the 70’s. Over the years, more “dances” were added to their repertoire. First it was the Y-M-C-A, then the Macarena. The Cupid Shuffle really gets the kids moving and of course Gangam Style is a winner when the staff lines up to show off their skills.

Following the group dance, parents and family are invited to set up pop-up tents and mats and enjoy lunch on the field. It’s a wonderful family event that really brings the entire school community together. Of course, when they announce we raised over $40,000 everyone is thrilled as well.

The DH had to work this year and so I dragged Papo (my father) with me to support KidI. As we sat on our picnic mat and I looked around, I missed Kids C and A. It was three years since KidC moved on to the Intermediate school and KidA was just here last year. Now it was only KidI and it seemed like a lot was missing. I missed them.

I pulled KidI over for a hug and meaningfully asked her, “Do you miss having your brother and sister here at school with you?”

She looked at me. Shrugged. “Nope. Not at all,” claimed KidI and then when off to watch a friend play with their Kendama. I guess it was just me who misses them!

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