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Christmas Lists

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It’s getting to be that time. Well, if I were more organized, “that time” would be a lot earlier in the year so I don’t feel pressured and actually can budget appropriately. It’s time for Christmas presents.

I’ve at least started thinking and inquiring much earlier than usual this year. We are right at the cusp of “Believing” and “pretending to Believe so we can still get presents from Santa” with KidI turning 9 years old.

My difficulty this year, as most years, is the cost of the gifts the children want. I’d love to, once a year, get the kids exactly what they want, yet of course, I’m not raising kids who think they can only be happy with material things, and more importantly, I don’t have a money tree growing in the back yard!

KidC would absolutely love a new laptop computer. He does need one that is a little more current than the old MacBooks the DH and I have and let him use. However, $300 for a used PC with installed software is still a pretty pricey gift for a 14-year old.

KidA I’ve actually got covered. (She reads my blog, so that’s all I’m saying.)

Then there is KidI. Her Christmas wish is a cellular phone. Actually, it’s was her birthday wish, her “throw a coin” in the wishing well at Disneyland wish, and her “wish upon a shooting star” wish. Boy is she manipulative about planting her desires and as the youngest, and baby of the family, she often is successful. Well, since she is definitely not waking up Christmas morning to a day of setting up voicemail and ringtones, the challenge is, getting her a gift that makes her equally as thrilled.

Being in fourth grade, she is a little too old for toys and a little too young for new clothes. I’m a little too annoyed with make-up, nail polish, hair accessories, or any arts and crafts DIY kits falling under those previous categories. So… I’m left searching and hoping for inspiration.


Maybe more Nerf guns for all the kids? After all, when I asked KidC why his arsenal was left outside instead of being cleaned up last night he said, “The girls and I are planning a battle and we are having a challenge first to see who gets what weapons.” KidI grinned and revealed a bag full of Nerf bullets that she has been stockpiling. Hmmm…. Christmas Day = Nerf Battle? I just might make that happen.





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