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3 Miles Through the Snow

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IMG_4332Remember the good ‘ole days when parents used to tell their kids about how easy they have it because in “their day” children had to walk 3 miles (or 5 or 10 or 15, depending on how much you kids are whining), through the snow, just to get to school!?!

I heard a similar story growing up. My dad’s school bus stop was miles from his house and not even because of rain or snow (he grew up in Colorado), did his mother or father even lift an eyebrow to indicate that there could remotely be a warm car ride to the bus stop. Nope, they had to trudge all those miles themselves. There was no hope of being coddled either, I’m fairly certain that school bus was not heated and probably everyone was forced to sit as still as they could, facing forward without so much as a “I left my snow gloves at home” was allowed.

I thought about this today as I drove from dropping KidI at gymnastics to KidC at the high school who would soon be finished with Speech & Debate practice. I had sent a text to let him know I was on my way. He responded by letting me know he would be at the flag pole circle, and added “text me when you get here.”

I thought back to my own childhood. How we surprisingly were able to manage being picked up at the correct time, at an agreed upon location, without the luxury of cellular phones. Goodness. How did we not get lost in shopping malls when separated from our parents and unable to call and just expect the person at the other end to simply say, “Bath and Body Works.”

We did the Great Aloha Run once back in the late 80’s and just all planned to meet at the Stadium section L once we made it across the finish line. We were all good. No one worried where the other was or when they would get there, we just all coordinated — without cell phone service at all!

It makes me wonder how much will change for my own children. What with future generations do that deserves the lecture beginning with — “In my day, we had to Instagram pics and use this search engine called Google…” Ahh, the good ‘ole days!


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