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It’s Called a Wattle

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For the life of me I couldn’t remember what that red, fleshy, hanging thing off the turkey. I should know it. It’s a family trait on the Smith side once you hit your 80’s, along with these wide (thank you German genes), child-bearing hips. Both physical traits that I am now determined to combat with physical fitness and healthy eating. Oh, don’t worry, I’m not going to get all extreme and set a “below 5% body fat” goal, or heaven forbid, cut out carbs from my diet. No, I’m going to be reasonable, and moderate, and make it happen with help.

That’s what I’m really thankful for this year. The help I get from others. To be more specific. it’s really the fact that I value that help enough to accept it.

I was not always this way. In fact, I use to revel in being able to do everything, all of it, myself.

At work I designed curriculum, put on workshops, did repairs, created templates, vetted new software, and taught classes — myself. Then I was blessed with the HERN Team. Doreen, Kazuko, and Debbie got hooked on technology and they also got their hooks into me and forced me to include them in everything! (Mostly because they wanted the passwords, but they also were so willing to help.) Suddenly, I was a part of team to implement our goals and it was successful and it was fun and we ushered in an energetic wave of tech use at our school.

It happened again as I worked to earn my Master’s degree. Team Palm Villas met weekly to review case studies, create slide shows, practice speeches and presentations. We were all independent individuals used to accomplishing a lot on our own and here we were, forced to work together and we made it work — Casey, Ben, Marlene — if I said I couldn’t figure out the statistics assignment, you guys said stop and wait until we all could get together at Zippy’s to help me understand!

I don’t think I even asked Donnie & Richard to help, but they did! They would drive to my house in the morning at 6 o’clock to pick up KidI in her car seat so I could drive into town to teach summer school. I would have never asked anyone to go above and beyond the way they did. Their example of unconditional help has touched me beyond words.


Those instances were over 10 years ago… and then this weekend I was reminded again, about asking for help. I did and it was there. Without question and overflowing with humor.

  • Sam for helping me start exercising again!
  • Miriam, Luci, & Anna for helping with the wedding & reception!
  • Ricky & Lena for making me pretty!
  • Donna & Aurora (my MIL) for putting up with my response card and guest count rants!

I reflect on this, on Thanksgiving Day, for those people who not only help me, but have taught me that I do not need to do things alone. You are the people who MAKE the moments for which I am thankful. THANK YOU for being there when I need you.


I’m posting a blog every day this month for NaBloPoMo!



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