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Thirty Days

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Today is the last day of November. The DH grew out his mustache for Movember. KidA met her 10,000 word goal for Kid’s NaNoWriMo. I was supposed to post a blog every day. I did not. My intentions were good. My motivation (KidA) was unwavering. Unfortunately other things made it to the top of my daily priority list.

It’s been a whirlwind of a month. Program observations and site visitations at work, retiring co-workers, family building projects, new exercise routine, a wedding, our 18th wedding anniversary – it has been a full, fun, memorable month.

KidI at the LCC Discovery Fair


Fun in a box – KidI rolls over KidA


The girls playing with cutie CousinO


The DH with NieceH visiting from Japan


KidC, KidA, & KidI playing before the wedding


Picture taking at Moanalua Gardens with my MIL & SIL


KidC leads his team to a football victory after Thanksgiving lunch


Kids headed to visit their Granny on Lana’i


KidA is a winner, and so am I for having a great family & wonderful friends who made these past thirty days fantastic!



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