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Surround Yourself with Success

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In the last week of January I attended a professional conference with the site coordinators of the federal grant I administer. It included two full days of presentations, sharing, networking, and developing resources for the out-of-school time programs funded by our grant. It was nice to work side-by-side with these individual who work at seven different school across our complex. Morning coffee, after lunch sessions, and getting through evaluation forms which serve as your “exit ticket” builds relationships. It’s a lot about relationships when tough things happen and you are counting on people to get things done.

I came back to work the following week and spent a bit of time going through my notes and handouts to suss out what needed addressing, what was really useful, and what needed filing. The afternoon was spent going through the inevitable emails that stack up when out a few days and there was an email from one of my Site Coordinators.

I was copied on her message to the entire faculty of the school she worked. Even though our programs our not part of the school-day activities, because she required a substitute to attend, she was following “protocol” and sending out a brief summary of how she had spent the two days away from her classroom. She shared what she had learned and offered herself as a resource to anyone interested in learning more or accessing the online information we had covered.

Wow. Just wow.

It made me think of that saying of how successful people surround themselves with other successful and smarter people. I thought of how I love my job and how my enthusiasm contributes to the great job that I am able to do. Then I thought of how I am also, really successful because of those who work with me. They make me a better person.

PS: That Site Coordinator has gone on to plan a staff training session for our program activity leaders and I have shared how humbled I am to be working with her.


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