Slight Turbulence

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An Interesting Observation: It’s So Quiet

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The house is quiet. We seem to be moving around slowly — well, calmly might be a better word. I don’t know, things just seem more slow-paced. Could it be just because KidC is gone away to college? Odd. I just can’t comprehend how one person seems to have changed the pace of our entire family dynamic.

It’s possible I’m imagining it.

The girls are now only two sharing a bathroom instead of three. There are only four place settings at the table for dinner now. We rode in the smaller car to get to the mall. Goodness, that KidC really was a big part of our lives. (Well, he still is around… KidI, who has moved into his room, just asked when she could move the rest of his clothes out of “her” closet.)


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