Slight Turbulence

Bring it on, bring it on, bring it on. From here to the eyes and the ears of the 'verse, that's my motto. Or at least it would be, if I start having a motto.


Revisiting the Reason

I’d like to be more focused and identify the “voice” of my blog and decided to sign up Blogging 101 offered by Word Press. The first “assignment” of the year is to share “Who I am and why I’m here” as well as “What are you about and why should people read your blog?”

My name is Christina.

I am a wife, mom, daughter.
I am a teacher, administrator, volunteer.

I procrastinate, plan, dream.
I direct, correct, clean.

I blog to share my thoughts and observations beyond the quick status updates and tweets and pictures.

I blog to document my life and use the public forum to improve my writing skill because a personal journal would have terrible spelling, incredibly long sentences, and isolate my feelings when really, sharing with the world is something of a legacy. (Yeah, I’m full of myself!)

My writing is pretty G-rated. Everything I write I’d be fine with my children reading. I’d be fine with my employer reading. I strive to be upbeat. I strive to not judge or create controversy. I do strive to encourage introspection and reflection.

I struggle with commenting on current issues and ultimately ask myself how my writing would help or add positivity to the discussion. That often leads me to not write about something as this platform is not conducive to a fair, empathetic discussion about polarizing topics. If you know me, you should know where I stand on issues and what I believe. If you want to know, just ask. Be prepared for a sincere answer that may contradict popular opinion. Be prepared that it will not change the way I strive to have mutual respect for everyone.

I would love for more people to comment on my thoughts. I would love for more people to read my blog! I will consider this blog a success when I make it other someone else’s Blogroll because they believe their own readers would enjoy reading my blog.

I work very hard to keep an even keel going in my life – with my marriage, my family, my job. That is never, ever what really happens. Slight Turbulence is the name of my blog because first I LOVE Firefly and most things Sci/Fi and second because the slight turbulence in my life could at any moment explode — it is with humor, love and support of family and friends, and my moral compass guided by the Bible and my relationship with God, the ship sails on!


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Back To School Breakfast

20140801-081649-29809659.jpgThe DH asked KidI what she would like for breakfast on her first day of school. Her older brother and sister do not report to school until Monday, so it would be “all her” in the morning.

She requested Portuguese sausage and rice with juice (I know, I know, sugar-water, but hey, it’s her first day of school).

It was there. On the breakfast table. A hot breakfast.

“I’m not hungry it turns out.”

So… I got a hot breakfast this morning! Now if I can cajole the bus company to pick her up at our street corner (like it used to) instead of two streets up the hill, my morning would be even better!


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3 Miles Through the Snow

IMG_4332Remember the good ‘ole days when parents used to tell their kids about how easy they have it because in “their day” children had to walk 3 miles (or 5 or 10 or 15, depending on how much you kids are whining), through the snow, just to get to school!?!

I heard a similar story growing up. My dad’s school bus stop was miles from his house and not even because of rain or snow (he grew up in Colorado), did his mother or father even lift an eyebrow to indicate that there could remotely be a warm car ride to the bus stop. Nope, they had to trudge all those miles themselves. There was no hope of being coddled either, I’m fairly certain that school bus was not heated and probably everyone was forced to sit as still as they could, facing forward without so much as a “I left my snow gloves at home” was allowed.

I thought about this today as I drove from dropping KidI at gymnastics to KidC at the high school who would soon be finished with Speech & Debate practice. I had sent a text to let him know I was on my way. He responded by letting me know he would be at the flag pole circle, and added “text me when you get here.”

I thought back to my own childhood. How we surprisingly were able to manage being picked up at the correct time, at an agreed upon location, without the luxury of cellular phones. Goodness. How did we not get lost in shopping malls when separated from our parents and unable to call and just expect the person at the other end to simply say, “Bath and Body Works.”

We did the Great Aloha Run once back in the late 80’s and just all planned to meet at the Stadium section L once we made it across the finish line. We were all good. No one worried where the other was or when they would get there, we just all coordinated — without cell phone service at all!

It makes me wonder how much will change for my own children. What with future generations do that deserves the lecture beginning with — “In my day, we had to Instagram pics and use this search engine called Google…” Ahh, the good ‘ole days!


I’m posting a blog every day this month for NaBloPoMo!


The Mom I Couldn’t Be

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20131101-182136.jpgThe night before Halloween Day, we carved our pumpkins and set out our Trick-or-Treat bags and I advised the children to set out their costumes for the morning if they were wearing them to school.

Spirits were high. Excitement was in the air. Then KidI popped her head into our bedroom and asked, “Are my wings in here?”

Forty-five minutes later with “all hands on deck” to search the loft, the office, the bedrooms, the living room, under the couch, under the beds, behind the bathroom door (you’d be surprised how much stuff we actually find back there!), we still couldn’t find those fairy wings.

“When was the last time you saw them?”

“Did you show them to your friends when they were here for your sleepover?”

“I know they were hanging in the family room, but I asked you to put your things away – where did you put them?”

KidA offered her angel wings from last year’s costume. That didn’t help when we couldn’t find that costume either. That led us to the storage boxes of costumes past. Pirates, princesses, Renaissance gowns, capes, hats, masks… not one pair of wings.

By this time, KidI’s mood was quickly deteriorating. There were no wings in the house. It was way, way past her bedtime. We all realized that she’d have to “go wingless” to school tomorrow. We also all felt her disappointment. Her costume just would not be the same.

I kissed her good night and turned off the lights and as I walked down the hallway to my room, I thought of the Ever After movie with Drew Barrymore. How she needed that something more to make her mother’s dress look exactly perfect for the evening party at the King’s castle. Leonardo Da Vinci knew it was those glorious wings. If only I could stay up all night creating, designing, magically producing a pair of wings even better than the ones we mysteriously missing.

I couldn’t.

We didn’t have any supplies that remotely resembled fairy wings or could make fairy wings. I thought about sending her father out to the store to buy wings, but no — the lesson learned about being responsible for her things was more important right?

The next morning, while KidC and KidA primped as a pirate and My Little Pony, a sad KidI slowly completed her morning routine. I pulled her aside and asked her if she wanted a hug. She shook her head. Quietly she said, “I could be a pirate from the old costumes.”

“Let’s go get the box down right now,” I replied with relief.

As I hugged my Pink Pirate good-bye to catch the school bus, she told me she would tell her friends that “something terrible had happened” and that’s why she was not a fairy.

She handled it well. Oh, and the DH brought home new wings for her to wear to our family party that evening. She was happy and Halloween was a fun night. Of course, I still think about the mom I couldn’t be…


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A Bus Adventure for KidC

KidC has to catch the bus for summer school this year. We bought him a bus pass and the DH had plans to take him around, show him the best route to school, and then step back and watch him enjoy the independence.

His classes don’t start until next week, so this week, he come into town with the girls and me, and the plan was for him to help me out with my classes. However, after being encouraged by my new student helper (who moved here three years ago from Philadelphia), he decided on Tuesday morning to catch the bus himself. According to Google Maps, Kahala Mall was only ten minutes away. An easy ride with a Barnes and Noble at the destination. No problem.

Off he went.

About an thirty minutes I get a text: “I think I screwed up, I am in the central business district in town, have not seen kahala mall yet, if need pick up will call.”

Thinking he was headed through Waialae, going past all the businesses and store shops, I replied: “Keep going. You should get there soon. You have to pass all those places. Did you pass Zippy’s?”

His reply: “Idk, but I’m in Chinatown.”

Whaat?!?! Here’s the text exchange that went on until he finally made it back to Sacred Hearts.

Image Image Image Image

He totally went in the opposite direction of his destination. In fact, he was half-way home!

Thank goodness he remained calm and it did not deter his spirits. The next day, with his dad, he did a practice run to summer school. Then on Thursday, made a “bus buddy” with my dad and finally made it to Kahala Mall where they sat at Barnes and Noble, iPad, Nook, and hot spot. They enjoyed each other’s company enough that today they’ll start at Pearlridge Mall and ride to Kapolei for a graduation luncheon we’ll attend. He’s excited and for $30 a month, really, we can’t go wrong!