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My Deciding Jar


My Deciding Jar

My last blog post was about a Happiness Jar. Tonight I’m sharing my Deciding Jar. It was a gift from my girls (KidI and KidA). It contains about 100 slips of paper with QR Codes on each slip. The way it works is that I will scan the code to determine how much I will pay for their foot massages.

Two years ago, KidA thought it would be a neat idea to start a “loyalty card” for her services. She would punch my card every time I got and paid for a foot massage. Let me establish her skills at foot massages — she is incredible. Not only does she firmly massage all parts of the foot, she also will massage for a long time. At a certain point, I figured she should be rewarded for her skill and she set her price at $4 for a 30-minute massage. It is a great deal. Sometimes, it ends up being only 10 minutes per foot because she’ll get carried away in conversation or she’ll focus more on what is on television. She also insists on starting on a fifteen minute interval so that she ends “properly.” So I’ll have to sit and wait until it is 8:15 or let her stay past her bedtime to end at 9:15.

So I was happily getting my feet massages and paying her pretty regularly about once a week when she came up with the loyalty card. I was not very diligent about getting it punched. I had no idea what I would get if it was completely punched. Then last January KidA announced that all the punches were done, revealing my prize — half off massages for the rest of the year! Winner!

She admitted that she thought I’d finish the card back in October or maybe November. That would leave only a month or two of the half off price. None the less, all last year, I got my massages for only $2!

This year, she was a little more savvy and my discount ended at the stroke of midnight on the last day of 2014. No matter, I now have this ingenious “Deciding Jar” to give me the possibility of deal. Plus, KidI is in on the massages so really, I would have to say, a pretty great Christmas gift for mommy!



Expanding My List

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Coffee house stirrers

After my 9 am meeting, the two ladies I had come to collaborate with, each gave me a Christmas gift. Whaaat? It didn’t even occur to me to bring them a present. Sure, we meet regularly, but these were wrapped presents (well, one was in a gift bag), not just bags of treats that you’d give all the office staff. I was terrible and so unprepared and so inconsiderate.

Then, I got back to my office and what do you know, one of the EAs (Educational Assistants) who I had sat next to at the last faculty meeting came by and handed me a gift, cheerfully declaring how nice it was to get to know me better at that meeting and wishing me Merry Christmas. (She and her husband have grown children in college and so are going to Vegas for Christmas. How could I not chat her up – she’s my kinda gal!) More of that terrible, unprepared, inconsiderate wave engulfed me.

Well, that did it! I was now in panic mode for my 1 PM meeting. Good grief, what to do? I mean, I had planned to bring in treats for my office staff on Thursday – the last day of work for teachers before the break, but I hadn’t considered getting gifts for these previously scheduled meetings two weeks before Christmas!

I only had enough time to swing by Starbucks, and thank goodness for those cute peppermint cake pops. I bought a bunch and headed off to my appointment.

They were a hit by the way. And yes, I walked away with a present too. I am really not a terrible, unprepared, inconsiderate person. Really. I just need to expand my Christmas gift list. Hope it’s not to late to do it this year!

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