Slight Turbulence

Bring it on, bring it on, bring it on. From here to the eyes and the ears of the 'verse, that's my motto. Or at least it would be, if I start having a motto.

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Getting Things Done

Today I went to work, then delivered KidA to an oral surgery appointment, shopped for cold foods after her appointment, dropped her off at home with directions for KidC and KidI to nurse her while I went back to pick up pain medication at the pharmacy that was conveniently closed when we left the dental offices.

I then revised the Chore Chart, which rotates about every quarter so the kids aren’t always doing the same chores for too long, then I pulled some weeds and raked around the house. Finally, I rallied KidC and KidI (with a surprisingly quiet tone) to help me remove all the furniture off the enclosed patio deck so we could sweep it and dry out the outdoor rug and pillows that endured the weekend winds and rain.

I feel accomplished on these kinds of days. I also feel alone. The DH is at the firehouse so these days happen regularly because his shift is 24-hours at a time.

I will feel alone and then I feel badly for feeling that way because so many military families do not even have the luxury of knowing their spouse or partner will be coming home the next day. So many single parents do the same thing, day in and day out. I also feel guilty for feeling that way because so often as I was growing up did I pride myself on my independence and ability to “go it alone” or “do it myself.” (I really painted myself into a corner on that one.)

It takes a little bit of effort to draw myself out of dwelling on the predicament. Really, I know whining helps no one. I know that I am fortunate to have the kids generally willing to help when I need it. I teach my children that feelings are always valid. People feel angry, discouraged, cheated, proud, exuberant, and comical. What counts is the actions you take, not how you feel.

So although I feel left alone to do so much of tasks, I remember to be thankful I have loving children. I remember to appreciate living in a nice home with a patio deck.

I know that alone is my choosing but I acknowledge the feeling… Then I focus on what needs to be done. The linen closet always needs to be straightened. A friend always needs a quick text to say “hi”. The kids could always get a hug.



Revisiting the Reason

I’d like to be more focused and identify the “voice” of my blog and decided to sign up Blogging 101 offered by Word Press. The first “assignment” of the year is to share “Who I am and why I’m here” as well as “What are you about and why should people read your blog?”

My name is Christina.

I am a wife, mom, daughter.
I am a teacher, administrator, volunteer.

I procrastinate, plan, dream.
I direct, correct, clean.

I blog to share my thoughts and observations beyond the quick status updates and tweets and pictures.

I blog to document my life and use the public forum to improve my writing skill because a personal journal would have terrible spelling, incredibly long sentences, and isolate my feelings when really, sharing with the world is something of a legacy. (Yeah, I’m full of myself!)

My writing is pretty G-rated. Everything I write I’d be fine with my children reading. I’d be fine with my employer reading. I strive to be upbeat. I strive to not judge or create controversy. I do strive to encourage introspection and reflection.

I struggle with commenting on current issues and ultimately ask myself how my writing would help or add positivity to the discussion. That often leads me to not write about something as this platform is not conducive to a fair, empathetic discussion about polarizing topics. If you know me, you should know where I stand on issues and what I believe. If you want to know, just ask. Be prepared for a sincere answer that may contradict popular opinion. Be prepared that it will not change the way I strive to have mutual respect for everyone.

I would love for more people to comment on my thoughts. I would love for more people to read my blog! I will consider this blog a success when I make it other someone else’s Blogroll because they believe their own readers would enjoy reading my blog.

I work very hard to keep an even keel going in my life – with my marriage, my family, my job. That is never, ever what really happens. Slight Turbulence is the name of my blog because first I LOVE Firefly and most things Sci/Fi and second because the slight turbulence in my life could at any moment explode — it is with humor, love and support of family and friends, and my moral compass guided by the Bible and my relationship with God, the ship sails on!

Bad Parent! Oops!


So… KidC came home from school and as usual, when I asked how his day went, he answered “Great.” As I worked to manipulate more information out of him he suddenly stopped and said, “Hey I started reading my book in class and Ms. Evans asked me where I got it.”

He proceeded to tell me how he explained we went to the Aiea Public Library over the vacation break. How he borrowed, read, and returned all his books. Then, how right before the end of the break, I got a postcard that a book I had reserved was available. He shared that she told me he wanted to read it and I had let him.

Well…. that book was The Girl with the Dragon Tattoo.

Ms. Evans then told him that he might want to make sure I had allowed him to read the book because there were some inappropriate sections for intermediate-aged students. That I probably would want to read the book first before letting him read it.

I felt so embarrassed as I read the responses to a quick and simple Google search of “Is The Girl with the Dragon Tattoo appropriate for teenagers?” Yikes!

I broke the news to KidC. He couldn’t read the book. I would read it first and then decide if it was appropriate. He resisted. I let him read the search results. Besides the “what is depraved?” query, I was amused that he caught a comment that referred to the book’s sequel. (He does love to read!)

I’m pretty sure he is now even more intrigued by what sexual content is contained in this now taboo book. I really should have been more responsible in screening his reading material. Thank goodness for caring teachers like Ms. Evans. (I already sent her off an email apologizing for my slouchy parental oversight and also thanking her for deferring the decision back to me to allow KidC to ultimately read the book.)

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Sometimes I’m Single

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I guess today I just wanted someone to share the day with...

Today was a looooong day. I half-heartedly woke up early to head to the Macy’s morning sale to pick up a grab bag gift for our family Christmas party. I say “early” but really it was at 8 am and more than 30 minutes after the DH had to leave for work.

I think I was already in a bad mood because when he leaves for work, it’s for a 24-hour shift at a time. Most days I’m used to him being gone. The kids pretty much have his schedule figured out, but some days they still ask, “Is dad home tonight?”

This particular day was one I was dreading because KidC had a cast party in the evening. I would have liked to drop him off and then pick him up when it was over, but they were supposed to induct him as a Junior Thespian, so the other parents pressured me into attending so I could witness his accomplishment.

I love seeing my children succeed, it’s just sometimes it is more difficult than others because sometimes I’m there alone. I realize I have little to complain about since, unlike truly single parents who are managing totally by themselves, in 24-hours I’ll have my husband home to join in whatever family function we have to attend. It’s just sometimes it builds up and the singleness of attending a band concert, driving to gymnastics, arranging piano lessons, snacks for basketball, and being sociable at a cast party is really over-whelming.

Of course, life continues and tomorrow the sun comes up. A new day begins and I put on a cheerful attitude and remember that it’s only sometimes that I’m single.

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All Day

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My view from the school parking lot as I wait for KidC.

This morning my oldest, KidC, packed a lunch and dessert and snacks and water. He had to because today he was at his intermediate school all day.

He wanted to get to school at 9 am (yes, on a Saturday). His band teacher is usually there on Saturdays and opens his room up to students who need additional practice time or want to work on assignments. Cortez is working towards his “Excellence” award. He has four more songs to pass and then ten more to achieve “Superior.” I am amazed. Especially since I don’t ever have to force him to practice at home. So glad his motivated to achieve.

So that’s how his morning went. Then from noon-4 pm, he went to drama rehearsal. This season, his fellow 7th and 8th grade thespians are staging “Guys and Dolls” under the watchful direction of Mrs. LoPresti. (Word on the street is there won’t be a spring production because they need to raise $5000.) Cortez is disappointed, but he says he’ll find something else to get involved in.

Growing up, my mom taught at the same school I attended all through my elementary years. In high school, she was the Vice Principal. Any activities I participated in or clubs I joined or productions I auditioned for was largely because she prompted/encouraged/force me to do. I think I purposely shy away from doing that with Cortez. Of course, once he becomes involved in something, he has my full support, but for the most part, I stay out of it and let him explore and experience independently. So far it seems to be working.

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